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How to Keep to Your Diet in Thailand

If you’re coming to Phuket, Thai restaurant dinners could be both the death and the breath of your diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, a vacation is often like one giant cheap because it forces you to drop all of your carefully crafted routines. However, the sort of Thai food Phuket is famous for…

Thai food in Phuket

Mild Thai Dishes in Phuket

The range of Thai food Phuket offers is very wide and, while the cuisine is most famous for its spicy flavours and generous use of chillies, not every dish is going to melt your fillings. For younger mouths or just those who don’t particularly like spicy dishes, here are five tasty Thai dishes which are…

5 Weird Thai Street Foods

The kind of Thai food Phuket has to offer is remarkably varied, from the Royal Thai cuisine of the finest Phuket Thai restaurant to the simple but amazingly popular banana pancake you get from a simple food cart. However, the world – renowned Thai cuisine also has some surprises up its sleeves, including some genuinely…