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Thai Cooking Class, Phuket Thaifood

5 Best Thai Cooking Classes in Phuket

While enjoying a wonderful meal at a Phuket Thai restaurant is a memorable experience, it’s even better if you can bring that experience home with you. Certainly, you can buy any number of excellent Thai cookery books, but there’s no substitute for hands-on experience and the teachings of a chef with years of professional experience….

The Perfect Pad Thai

You can’t talk about Thai food without mentioning pad thai. It is undoubtably the best-known dish the country has ever produced, and one that it is proud enough of to give its name to. Ironically, it’s not actually massively popular among locals since it lacks the bold, spicy flavours that the cuisine is famous for….

cooking in phuket, phuket food

5 Thai Kitchen Essentials

As wonderful an experience as it is to go to a Phuket Thai restaurant, you can’t take that experience home with you at the end of your holiday. If, while you’re here, you attend a cooking class or even just grab a recipe book or two, you can relive some of that experience by preparing…

Thai Breakfast, Thai food

5 Typical Thai Breakfast Dishes

Anyone who has been to a typical Phuket Thai restaurant will be able to list a range of popular Thai lunch and dinner dishes, but breakfast is often harder to find. Most hotels serve only continental breakfasts, with a few international options. To find a real Thai breakfast, you often have to seek out little…

Thai Chicken Dishes, เมนูไก่

5 Best Thai Chicken Dishes | Phuket Thai Restaurant

When it comes to visiting a Phuket Thai restaurant, chicken dishes are always a safe bet. After all, who doesn’t love chicken? Other than vegetarians and vegans, obviously. It’s such a universally loved flavour that we associate it with virtually everything. The expression “it takes like chicken”, said about something which is definitely not chicken,…

Best Healthy Thai Foods

5 Best Healthy Thai Foods

Everyone knows that the great Thai food Phuket restaurants serve up is tasty, but less people realise that it is also pretty good for you. Being mostly based on simple preparations of healthy ingredients, a lot of the more popular dishes are actually low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. We’ve picked out…

prawn, เมนูกุ้ง, อาหารไทย

Great Thai Prawn Dishes

The sort of Thai food Phuket is most famous for is, unsurprisingly, seafood. Thailand’s largest island is surrounded by beautiful, bountiful seas, with prawns being one of the most common catches. Naturally, a great many delightful dishes have evolved around this abundance of this popular crustacean. The following are some of the best options, available…

Thai Cuisine in Phuket

What is Royal Thai Cuisine?

The top Phuket Thai restaurants distinguish themselves from their competition by offering what they call “Royal Thai” food. The meaning is pretty obvious – food fit for a king, or other members of the Thai royal family. However, what actually makes this regal cuisine different from the sort of Thai food Phuket night markets sell…

Somtam Thai, Thai Food

How to Eat Thai Food

When it comes to Thai dining, Phuket has a lot of variety to offer. You can have have anything from simple street snacks at one of the many night markets to fine Royal Thai cuisine at astounding restaurants, and quite a bit in between. While Thai food may be famous around the world, the method…


5 Flavours of Thai Food

With Thai food being famous around the world, a visit to a first-class Phuket Thai restaurant is an essential part of any trip to the country’s favourite resort destination. What makes the cuisine so special is the unique balance of five kinds of flavour, with experienced chefs building the taste through instinct, rather than exact…